One can only guess right now but we do know that the inspector general and others are looking into the Clinton foundation

I can't imagine who watches these fkn pigs, they must have the IQ of a tick.

Rattlerjake Please, at least with a tick you can pinch the life out of them, joy, whoopie, and the rest of these useless leftist turns keep sucking the life out of this country! 1 year ago

Give me five minutes with this cuxsucker and I will have him talking to God.

Joseph R. Davis Does it take you that long, Wee Willy Wussy, to s**t your pants? 1 year ago

They need to sue the gutless porn lawyer along with Stormy, she's to fkn dumb to have dreamed this up on her own.

If this bitchhhhh couldn't blow start a Harley she could never get a date.

Big fkn deal since wallmart pays more than $15 an hour.

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Trump needs to make a phone call and have the IRS make a raid on these two cousuckers home.

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she's one of the reasons Palestinian men prefer to have sex with goats.

If being a first class asssshole was a plus Zucker the cuxauker may have a chance.

Like Duh, how do they think they will keep paying for a 35 hr work week, 6 weeks vacation, free health care and all the other freebies the socialist have demanded over the years.

Someone needs to toss these two cowards to the ground like a wet prophylactic.

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