BlabberBuzz Ranks

Ranks Name Rank Category Points Earned
President Executive 15000+
Vice President Executive 12000
Speaker of the House House of Representatives 10000
Senate Majority Leader Senate 8500
Senate Minority Leader Senate 8000
Chairman, Senate Armed Services Committee Senate 7900
Senator Senate 6000
Secretary of Defense Executive Cabinet 5900
Secretary of Homeland Security Executive Cabinet 5800
Attorney General Executive Cabinet 5700
Secretary of State Executive Cabinet 5600
Secretary of Treasury Executive Cabinet 5500
Secretary of Health & Human Services Executive Cabinet 5400
Secretary of Commerce Executive Cabinet 5300
Secretary of Agriculture Executive Cabinet 5200
Secretary of Education Executive Cabinet 5100
Secretary of Energy Executive Cabinet 5000
Secretary of Labor Executive Cabinet 4900
Secretary of the Interior Executive Cabinet 4800
Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Executive Cabinet 4700
Secretary of Transportation Executive Cabinet 4600
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Executive Cabinet 4500
House Majority Leader House of Representatives 4000
House Minority Leader House of Representatives 3900
House Majority Whip House of Representatives 3800
Chairman, House Armed Services Committee House of Representatives 3800
Congressional Representative House of Representatives 2000
State Senator State 1000
State Representative State 500
Citizen 0
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